The Christmas Gift

QUICKIE: Me to Vincenzo: “Who would win in a type-off, me or Daddy?”  Vincenzo: “Nobody.”  He’s right.  No one wins when Mom and Dad compete.
Last week a friend sent me a touching e-mail about someone who was making Christmas happen despite times being tough economically.  She didn’t have money for gifts so she scrounged some things from her cupboards then set to work, lovingly crafting what would be her family’s only gift this season.  I hope her story–and her gift–warms your heart this holiday season.


(Scroll down)



maxi pad slippers

(If you are not laughing right now, you are probably a guy.  Show these to your wife and ask for a translation.)

I totally wanted to title this post “The Gift of the Maxi” (get it?  Magi?) but didn’t want to give it away.

Merry Christmas everyone!  May your heads be filled with super-absorbent sugar plums too!

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