M Week: not just for kids.

QUICKIE:  Me to V: “Do you want some crackers?” V: “Yes.  I want lots of crackers.  Like FIVE crackers.  A whole town of crackers!”
We just finished M week, and for those following along at home I will tell you there are so many things that start with M that you don’t really even need to plan it.  Just every once in awhile say to your child, “Hey, you’re drinking MILK!” or, “Look, we’re at the MALL!”  or “Because I’m you’re MOM and I told you to clean up this MESS.”  No extra teaching required; just say the M words louder than all the rest.  Oh, and be sure to stock up on marshmallows because once your child hears that they start with M there will be many heavy demands placed on you to keep the supply coming.  No worries, because R is for Rehab week is just around the corner.

Other secondary M themes we touched on were moody (although that one was really all Vincenzo); money (specifically the concepts of recession and the importance of consumer spending in times of economic downfall); and his mother, a MILF (hey, his friends were going to tell him if I didn’t).

The art project was our only real struggle.  The kid just won’t art anymore, and Kevin’s belts can’t hold up through many more lashings.  Kevin and I eked this monster painting out of Vincenzo, i.e. we made this project in front of him and pretended like it was the most fun thing we’ve ever done together.  Well–second most fun.


I squirted four blobs of paint on a piece of finger paint paper, stuck another paper on top, and squished the blobs around.  I lifted off the top sheet to dry then found a bunch of eyes/mouths in clip art that I printed and cut.  I glued them on and–TA DA!!  Monsters that look like a three-year-old made them!

While M week was rough in patches, for the first time ever Vincenzo answered one of his Week in Review questions correctly.

Me: Vincenzo, what letter did we study this week?
V: Meow.
Me: I’ll just tell you.  It was M.  Do you know any words that start with M?
V: Meow.

My son.  He’s so smrt.

4 thoughts on “M Week: not just for kids.

  1. My son would love “M” week. He would insist that it meant he had to eat nothing but M&M’s and Milk. I can see it all far too clearly:

    “Muffin and Maccaroni both start with ‘M’ too, J.”

  2. You were wise to let him know you are a MILF. You don’t want him learning it from his friends.

    I told Joe one day that we were going to do a craft and he said, “What’s that?” I said, “Well, we color and use stickers and make a picture.” He said, “I don’t like to do those things, Mom. You can do it.”

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