Welcome to my first ever double-post day.  I just wanted to comment on President Bush’s being hit by a shoe in Iraq.  Apparently this is the worst possible insult an Iraqi can give–so bad they wouldn’t air it on Iraqi TV.  I was just wondering, what would the American equivalency of shoe-throwing be?  Sticking your tongue out?  Too childish.  Flipping him off?  Too MTV.  Spitting?  Too “Flavor of Love.” (that’s a link worth clicking on).

I think the American equivalency would be–ready for this?–the all-powerful, undeniably offensive, all-American BA.  Yes, it takes an American bottom waggling in the air to reproduce the gravity of a shoe being thrown in Iraq.

If you want a chance to throw shoes at the president yourself, spend a few minutes playing this game.

4 thoughts on “BTW

  1. Someone up here in the north was punished quite severely for shoving a cream pie in the face of a provincial leader. Apparently, a shoeing in Iraq equates nicely to a pieing here. (I think the real crime was wasting good whipping cream.)

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