Is your refrigerator running?

QUICKIE: V: “Mom, your nose is too big.  It almost touches your lips!”
I just realized I spelled “mantel” wrong in my previous two posts this week.  Wide world, please EXCEPT my apology.

You all know about my love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart, right?  This month I opened her magazine to find this ad for a refrigerator.


It’s hard to see, but everything in the fridge except the raspberry trifle is white and has at least a two inch personal bubble from other items in the fridge.  The milk is in a white carton with a white cap; the butter is in a white, unlabeled package; the eggs probably even have white yolks if you crack them open.  This is clearly the fridge of someone who has a hard-core case of obsessive-compulsive disorder and who DOESN’T COOK, which is baffling as there is what appears to be a homemade trifle in amidst her refrigerated items.  Ten bucks says the owner of this fridge is in the bathroom washing her hands again and again because she can’t deal with the fact that there are RED RASPBERRIES in her ALL-WHITE fridge.

Is it just me, or is this what most people’s fridges look like? 


I actually made a trifle the day I took this photo, too, but as there was no room in between the thawing spinach and leftover chicken tettrazini, it ended up in my basement refrigerator which, though not as impeccable as the Martha Stewart fridge, is at least thematic.  (It’s decked out year-round in an “eclectic beer theme.”)

How about your refrigerator?  Do your items enjoy the luxury of personal space?  Do you only buy products of a certain color so they look pretty in the fridge?  If you’re brave enough, take a picture and send it to me at rachelabeto (at) hotmail (dot) com.  I’d like to make judgments on you based on your refrigerators.  And if I get enough pictures I’ll do it contest-style and send the leftover tettrazini (or something less perishable) to the winner!

Cheap buffet food at fancy Microsoft party

13 thoughts on “Is your refrigerator running?

  1. Things in my fridge do not often have the luxury of personal space! It’s usually stacked and crammed as well as I can manage. I wonder if everything in the top picture is white to blend into the background to make it look spacious. I thought the one I have was pretty spacious until I bought groceries. Turns out it fills up fast!

  2. All items in my fridge are of various colours, in multi-hued containers, and may or may not be well past their prime.

    The repeat hand washing over the raspberries kills me! Now, all I can think of is Lady MacBeth, and that scene is forever altered in my mind as it now involves a raspberry trifle.

  3. My fridge looks more like your fridge. I try to get it organized from time to time but it just doesn’t stay like that for long. My best friend’s fridge looks nice and clean like that. Nothing but juice and condiments…the sign of someone who goes out to eat a lot.

    Found my way over to your blog from SITS.

  4. I am obsessed with an organized fridge. I personally like to arrange by food type. The one time Jeremy put the groceries away I was horrified when I opened the fridge- it looked like I tornado had gone through.

  5. Okay, the egg cat thing is going to have me laughing for days.

    When my husband was little he would pretend he was a cat, and there’s talk of a note once passed in church that read:

    Dear Mom,

    Can we go out to eat after church? I love you so much.

    Love, Eric

    P.S. Meow.

    It’s my favorite thing ever.

  6. Oh, and then I read your post about fridges. I live with my mom now, as you probably know, and her fridge drives me up the wall. It isn’t just cluttered, and it isn’t just messy. It’s downright infuriating. You can’t remove something from it, without having to move something else. I need to take a picture of it right now, especially, because the eggs are seriously BALANCING on top of an expired milk jug and TWO bottles of mustard.

    It’s enough to drive anyone to The Crazy.

  7. Right now I have trays of christmas cookies chilling. So, while my fridge doesn’t look as “nice” as the fridge in the ad, it looks WAY yummier.

  8. Are you really going to do this? If so, I’ll email you a picture of my fridge when I get home tonight. It doesn’t really look anything like either of the fridge pics!

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