Weekend Nonevents

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, finding his stocking in the Christmas decorations: “But…do I have to fill it up?”
Sorry for those logging on eager to read all about what we did for K week.  Even the rigid School of Mom acknowledges Thanksgiving break.  If you are upset, get a life and check back next Monday.

Before I was married I used to worry that  Kevin and I would eventually run out of things to talk about.  Five years later I realize I never have to worry.  Why, just this weekend we spent a good ten minutes discussing where Kevin would move my boobs if they were detachable.  I suggested moving them to my eyes.  He said he’d rather stick them on my back so he could hold them when we dance (he’s such a romantic).  I thought he should stack them up to make one large boob.   He said he’d move them to the bottoms of my feet so I couldn’t run away from him.  And so on.

In other news, we’re halfway through the Costco box of garden burgers that K bought for the neighborhood BBQ that absolutely nobody ate.  At first, we tried eating them straight up but there was too much “garden” for our taste buds to handle.  The next time we tried them with aged applewood smoked cheddar, but the “garden” was too powerful for even a three-year-old cheese.  Tonight, though, we finally discovered the magic to eating garden burgers: bacon.  Lots and lots of bacon, with the grease on the side to dip our buns in.  Hamburger buns, that is.

Tonight’s winning ingredient was bacon; tomorrow’s may be foie gras.  Who knows where we’ll go next?  Maybe we’ll fry up an entire vegetarian!

Chicken Noodle Soup
Bacon Garden Burgers

8 thoughts on “Weekend Nonevents

  1. Weren’t you asking me for K ideas? Is Kevin starring in K week? You could make a Kevin photo kollage (it’s called phonetic spelling), draw a picture of Kevin kicking a kettle, KISS Kevin….need I go on?

  2. I’d scrap the idea of K week and just do a Bacon theme’d week. I think it would be hilarious if Vincenzo was raised thinking that bacon was a letter in the alphabet.

  3. Mom: Kevin and I DON’T KISS or do anything I wouldn’t do in front of you and dad and we never have.

    Jennifer: Correction: bacon makes everything better except Butterfinger Blizzards, which are impsosible to improve upon.

    Ginny: Not to worry; I plan on going through my vegetarian friends alphabetically, and I know one whose name starts with a C.

    Renee: You totally missed the point. Spend tomorrow thinking about YOUR boobs.

    Kbeto: Our child’s educational well-being should not be the brunt of all your heartless jokes.

    Colleen: Do you know any vegetarians whose names start with A or B? Because if not, we’d love to have you for dinner this week…

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