Martha’s Dick

QUICKIE: When my cousin was little someone asked him if he slept like a log last night.  He thought for a minute then answered, “No; I slept more like a rainbow.”
This weekend I hosted a Figgy Pudding Party, for which I made four different bread puddings (yet none of which were figgy).  I got three of the recipes from an old Martha Stewart: Sussex Pond, the Queen of Puddings and my favorite, Spotted Dick.  What is a Spotted Dick, you may ask?  The “spotted” comes from the currants and the “dick” is–well it’s not as much an ingredient as a mixing tool.  Let’s just say I needed Kevin’s help on this one.  Kevin’s help, and a very, very shallow bowl.

Kidding!  Wikipedia really clarifies it for us though: [Spotted Dick]…possibly conjugated originally from sticky pudding to dicky pudding to dicky to dick and finally spotted dick

Enough!  That’s enough, Wikipedia!  Sheesh.  Anyway, Martha is obviously embarrassed about her spotted dick, as I tried to find it on her website but came up with zilch.  It’s not that Martha hasn’t had any dicks on her show–Andy Dick, a Dick Blick Utility Knife, and Dick Gamble’s Nantucket Bucket to name a few–but spotted dick has been ctrl+z’d like the dirty little secret it is. 

Well Martha I know about your dick and I will not forget.  And neither will my 13 blog readers.

Here it is, le Spotted Dick!


The Sussex Pond pudding was fun to make but pretty gross to eat, as it was full of kumquats and lemons (skin and all).


The Queen was the crowd favorite–a layer of meringue atop a layer of currant jam atop a layer of bread pudding.  Plus now I own a set of individual lasagna boats!!


Here’s the whole set-up.  There was also a black and white pudding but it was ugly so I didn’t take pictures of it.


Kevin told me I really need to use the flash on my camera because all my pictures turn out blurry.   I took the following picture to prove him wrong, but it just made say that he’s right even louder and more obnoxiously.


Can someone please settle this age-old marital dispute for us?  One of these pictures deserves the Ugly Chant…which one is it?

Pear, gorgonzola, and caramelized onion pizza
Tomato and roasted pepper soup
Salad with smoked cheddar and apple
Spotted dick

5 thoughts on “Martha’s Dick

  1. You don’t get the glowing effect of the candle at all in the flash picture, so I say sans-flash wins! Of course, I’m anti-flash myself right now, since newborns tend to get angry when you use the flash in their face too many times…

  2. I say non-flash is better. Sorry Kevin!

    Your pudding party looks delightful!

    Spotted Dick = best band name ever!! I want to start a band so I can use it!!

  3. My stepfathers name is Dick. We’ve had great fun at his expense. He’s old and has spots….I think I’ll start calling him “Spotted Dick.”

  4. You saucy girl- love the naughty comment!

    Speaking of comment, none in regards to the better photo 🙂

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