QUICKIE: Vincenzo used them all up last week!
J week was a fun one.  We started with an art project that is probably way too complicated for any of you plebeians to understand but I will try my best to outline it in a few simple steps.

First I cut some sponges into jellybean shapes (okay, I know I just lost half my readers) and Vincenzo used them to paint jellybeans all over a paper.


The I cut some jellybeans out of construction paper and I cut a jellybean jar out of a plastic sheet protector.


I outlined the “jar” with double-sided tape and stuck it on the jellybean paper.  Vincenzo helped slide the paper jellybeans in.


I cut off the excess jellybean paper, taped the whole thing on green paper, and added a tinfoil lid.  It’s pretty cool IRL !


We also bought jellybeans and I put different amounts in a jar so Vincenzo could guess how many were in it.  He guessed 0 every time.  Coincidentally, that’s how many times he was correct.


And of course I didn’t want MY son eating all those jellybeans so we stuck them in cupcakes and sent them to work with Kevin.  Unfortunately, they all sank to the bottom of the cupcakes and stuck to the wrapper, but apparently no one seemed to mind looking like a homeless person sucking jellybeans off a cupcake wrapper as they were gone by the end of the day.


But there’s more to the week!  We went to Jump Planet (lucky for you I forgot my camera) and then to juggling practice with Vincenzo’s Poppy–a bone fide juggler!


It was held in a school gym that seemed adequate enough until we spotted this sign: (if the picture doesn’t show up for you, it reads “MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 5”)


But as you can see, the jugglers are a rebellious crowd who throw caution to the wind.  They filled the gym to three times its capacity!


During juggling practice, Vincenzo threw rings into everyone’s juggling circles while Kevin kept pretending to have just passed his entire body through a juggling ring while I (ever the straight A student) actually tried to learn to juggle rings until it was time to go.  And while all that juggling was fun, I have to say I can’t stop thinking about “U” week!!1!!1


Boys are on their own–I’ve got cooking class!!

5 thoughts on “J!

  1. Damn. You take your alphabet weeks seriously. We made it to “E” – that was about 2 months ago, I think. Now randomly Madison will say, “Maybe it’s P week today?” To which I answer, “Sure honey, it can be.”

    I suck.

  2. I am amazed at all the things you come up with for your weeks! That is soo fun! I know Vincenzo must love it!

    Are you serious about the juggling thing?? That is amazing! I could never juggle. We used to try to. I dont think I have the hand eye coordination for such things!

  3. I think it’s funny that you keep passing off candy in baked goods. It’s like the jail file in a cake maneuver.

    That’s neat that you got to go to juggling practice! I’ve never heard of such a thing. I thought juggling was more of a solitary sport.

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