The week in quickies

QUICKIE: See entire post
I didn’t post for a couple days and now I’m paranoid that all y’all have forgotten me.  I’m too lazy to compose anything wordsmithy, so here is the week in quickies:

Monday: Vincenzo [in the midst of a pretend-play episode]: “Mommy, pretend you’re an egg pretending to be a baby chick with a pretend egg in your tummy!”

Tuesday: Vincenzo to Kevin: “Let’s pretend we’re superhero cats wearing capes and go play X-Box!”

Wednesday: Me to Vincenzo: “Can you say ‘juh-juh-jay?'”  Vincenzo to me: “Mommy, are you trying to learn your ABCs?”

Thursday: Me to [naked] Vincenzo: “Let’s put some undies on you so you don’t rub your junk all over the house.”  Vincenzo to me: “What if I rub my junk all over YOU, Mommy?”

Friday: Vincenzo [while Kevin was showing him how to play Solitaire]: “This game is to hard for me.  How ’bout I just sit here and meow at the cards?  Meow…meow…”

Loaded baked potatoes
Roasted beans and red onion
Garden burger patties (that we’re trying desperately to get rid of)

4 thoughts on “The week in quickies

  1. And this is why I love kids.

    J gets us to do stuff like that so often, it’s become routine in our household. I actually forget it’s odd or funny until I read it on someone else’s page. Thanks for the good laugh and the reminder!

  2. LOL! So did you pull off the egg-in-chick-in-egg impersonation?

    I made your Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza tonight, it was SCRUMPTIOUS! And it was a HUGE hit with my daughter, who isn’t a big pizza fan at all. Thanks again for the recipe!

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