Oh man you must be SO jealous!

QUICKIE: Kevin, looking at my blog stats: “Those look a lot like the Microsoft stock price this week.”
You know how Pamela Anderson got discovered out of a crowd of 10,000 at a football game when a camera randomly put her up on the big screen?  Okay, her GIGANTIC BREASTS might have caused a slight shift in the gravitational field, pulling the camera lens in their direction and making her discovery not 100% random, but who cares?  My DDDs got noticed this weekend too!  I got featured on a really cool site!  Good Mom/Bad Mom linked to me in a VERY prominent place, 3/4 of the way down the page, at the all-important “belly button” of the post.  Now I get to add this badge to my trophy case! 


I’m going to have to buy more varnish.

Anyway, I’m honored to be featured on the site that introduced me to human heads hidden on a broccoli package.  This shout-out will probably kickstart my sexy career as a Playboy model with a sex tape.  But I’ve GOT to remember to schedule that Hepatitis C vaccination…

Pear/Gorgonzola Pizza
Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

15 thoughts on “Oh man you must be SO jealous!

  1. Hey, congrats on the shout-out! Good Mom/Bad Mom is an awesome site, isn’t it? Jenny is so funny, and just so very nice too. Glad you got linked up!!

  2. Momma Trish: I actually found out about their site through your site awhile ago (even before your own shout-out). How much do I owe you?

    Mrs de Miranda: Can’t wait to see your Saucy blogs!!

    Mama’s Losin’ It: I read the Blogess NOW! I’m actually not a very good blog reader–I read my own blog multiple times a day and make a weak appearance on a few other people’s blogs. Narcissism–you gotta love it!

  3. They’re right – that is a lousy badge. I can’t wait until B week comes up again and maybe you can have the kid redesign the badge for them.

  4. Congrats on the lousy badge! And also, do you have a recipe for the pear/gorgonzola pizza? Because that sounds seriously tasty.

  5. Debora: For the pear/gorgonzola pizza, I just made a basic pizza dough, brushed with EVOO, then sprinkled with mozzarella, gorgonzola, and thinly slice bears. Bake and…VOILA!!! It truly is awesome and easy.

  6. Thinly…sliced…bears. Okay, got it. Is there a particular breed I should use?


    Kidding. Thanks for the recipe, I’ll definitely be making this soon!

  7. Debora: Yeah, you heard me. BEARS. (I got the recipe from Sarah Palin.)

    Anyway, I did type it up on my computer so if you send me your e-mail I’ll shoot you the official directions.

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