A topic worthy of the Presidential Debates

QUICKIE: At store, picking out a toy for Abby.  Me: “Vincenzo, what do you think Abby needs for the plane ride?”  Vincenzo: “GUNS!!!”
Okay, so we’re all agreed, right?  This is just wrong.



But I’m confused.  What about this?


Begin moral/ethical discussion now.

Food, with a Possibility of Rock Band

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2 thoughts on “A topic worthy of the Presidential Debates

  1. Okay, I have to admit that I’ve always thought the idea of leashing your child was just WRONG. But…. as a mother of twins I actually purchased two of the coiled bungy types as shown above. I never had to use them, but I always had them in my diaper bag just in case I lost all control of my children. I had visions of losing one at the fair or in the mall. The “leashes” did bring peace of mind and I was free to worry about something else. Like when my child took the fresh scented disk out of the urinal at the Honey Bucket (You know, the one that everyone pees on) and used it like soap….I think Rachel’s spray bleach sanitizer would have come in handy. Now, for the WRONG part… When my boys were older there was an occasion that I had to give them the choice of staying close or to wear the leash. Well……it worked! They stayed by my side unrestrained. So, the leashes do work!

  2. Okay, okay, I am no longer judgmental about the leash! In fact, I’m overcome with an undeniable urge to buy one now! Thanks for opening my mind, everyone. 🙂

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