It’s Silent G Week!

QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “I was right and you were wrong!”  Me:  “It’s not very nice to say that.”  Vincenzo, smiling big: “I was right and you were pretend right!”
Yes, it’s “Silent G Week” as in we didn’t do G week.  Well, we kind of did…we made a couple failed ghost projects and ate a lot of gnocchi (you thought I was making it up about the silent G, didn’t you?).  Here are this week’s glosers (that G is silent, too).

Failed ghost #1: Put blob of paint on black paper, fold paper in half, then squish around.  Open up and feel depressed.

Failed ghost #2: Glue Kleenex to black paper and add googly eyes.  Let dry.  Feel depressed.

Failed ghost #3: Mod Podge a cheesecloth to a balloon (use spoons to make arms); add felt eyes/mouth; let dry overnight.
Okay, so that one actually did turn out but I’m not counting it because it won’t fit in the ABC book we’re making from all these projects.

Quick!  Diversion from my G inadequacies! 
DSCN6276 DSCN6278
Thank you, Vincenzo, for this stunning display of intelligence.

I keep forgetting to thank all y’all for voting for Vincenzo in the Dapper Baby contest.  He WON!!!  Stay tuned as I let his hair grow into long locks, buy him a set of fake teeth, purchase a frilly frock, and enter him in the every beauty pageant I can.  I will do all this while also maintaining my promise to not let this get to my/his head.

And to Trish at Pandora’s Box–congrats on your post on Good Mom/Bad Mom!  I will continue artfully crafting comments on your blog only to be denied the ability to post them.  Scrambled letters, why dost thou hate me so?

Out @ Friends’

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