Special Guest Blogger: Mr. Mouthy!

This is Mr. Mouthy here with my very first blog post ever.  I’ve got a question for the mom-o-sphere out there, what should I do in this situation.

So I am at Bellevue Square mall checking out the new kids play area.  I didn’t go alone, the son was with me – there was a creepy guy with a beard who appeared to be sans kid.  He looked kind of like Santa Claus except he had a ZZ top style straight beard, not the curly one, and had a shirt that said “Please save the comets for later” with a picture of (surprise) a comet on it.  I’m used to seeing these type of people at Microsoft but normally they don’t leave their burrows to venture into society.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.  Vincenzo spent most of the time sitting in the speedboat giving the evil eye to anyone attempting to get in the boat with him.  Fortunately he’s been conditioned such that he’ll sit there quietly until they go away and resume the guarding of his property.  He was in there with a small-ish (I’d say 4 years old – we’ll call him “Jimmy” for discussion purposes) Asian boy when a very blond larger kid (“Biff” – witnesses have him at 5 years) comes over and sits on the front of the boat.  They all exchange glances with each other, and then Jimmy makes his move.

Jimmy starts gently pushing Biff who just sits there with a blank look on his face.  Jimmy, who isn’t making much progress in his quest to push Biff off the boat keeps escalating the violence over the course of about a minute until he whacks Biff in the face.  Biff now grabs Jimmy and they start an all out brawl in the boat.  The battle eventually spills out of the boat and the kids are rolling around on the ground.  Kids can be very innovative when it comes to wrestling moves and I saw everything from groin kicking to hair pulling and everything in between.

Now I’m standing there watching this develop – occasionally looking around to see if I could figure out who owns these two kids.  Being the only adult nearby, parents are now giving me looks as if I own one of both of them as they both were screeching like cats in heat.  This probably went on for a good two or three minutes before Biff’s dad put down his iPhone and pulled his son out of there.  The whole time I just stood there trying to look cool.

Should I have done something here (like join the brawl myself, they’d probably be a good match for me)?  Or did I do the right thing and stay out of it?

Comment please!

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