F is for E Week

QUICKIE: At the moment, Vincenzo’s mermaid tricycle keeps asking, “Hi!  Can I help you?” and he keeps answering, “Yes, I’m having problems with my steering,” to which she politely asks, “Hi!  Can I help you?” to which he answers, “Yes, I’m having problems with my steering…”
Last week we talked about how F is for fall and we did leaf projects, which I’m sure will be fondly remembered as “F is for leaves week.”  But anyway, here’s what we did:

Leaf rubbings–can’t beat an old classic, although I almost cried when I took the wrappers off some brand new crayons and broke them in half for the project.  (In my house, we lose crayons before they have a chance to get old.)

DSCN6665 DSCN6668

Then we traced Vincenzo’s hand, shoe and various items from around the house and looked for leaves that were shaped like them.  I helped give Vincenzo language to talk about leaves–this one has teeth on its edges, this one has fingers, this one is THE RIGHT ONE TO USE IN THIS EXACT SPOT, etc.  Then we glued the leaves down and set a phone books on top so they would dry flat.  In an incredible display of self-restraint, I didn’t once make Vincenzo repeat “f is for fffffone book.”

DSCN6672 DSCN6679 DSCN6678 DSCN6681

You know me, though–we didn’t stop there.  After the fall art, we FLEW to Kevin’s FATHER’S FOR a FILIPINO wedding with FOUR FLOWERGIRLS FOLLOWED by FANCY FINGERFOOD and FIRST dances.  F is everywhere you look, and while I’m constantly aware of it I just don’t FEEL like pointing it all out to Vincenzo and planning activities around it.  So while I have further solidified my own understanding of the letter F, Vincenzo has spent all week pretending to be an unhatched egg under a blanket.  He played with his new elephant stuffed animal.  We watchd eggs hatch on YouTube.  (As a side note, when the mother robin carried off part of the shell, Vincenzo guessed that she was taking it somewhere to do a project.) 

In summary, F is for leaves and F is for eggs and F is possibly for fone books and I guess that means F is for FAIL.  Anyway, do what I did for your child.  Book a flight, eat some fancy fingerfood, turn on a football game, and have an effing week.

Still at the hands of MIL

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