White on White

QUICKIE: Grandpa to Vincenzo: “Are you going to vote for McCain or Obama?”  Vincenzo: “I’m going to vote for Mama!”
My husband’s grandparents are very dear and cherished in the family.  I’ll never forget the first time I met Grandma B and she lured me away from everyone else to show me two porcelain frogs.  She asked if I knew how to tell a girl frog from a boy frog and when I said I didn’t, she turned them over to reveal, yes, one frog sporting a pair of hoo-has and the other with some serious frog sausage.  We got her back last year when we sent her a coconut-carved monkey that was, let’s say, VERY happy to see her.

Grandma B had only one son but wishes she could have had more children.  The reason she didn’t is because after she gave birth the doctor told her she should wait awhile before having her second.  She is STILL waiting for him to call back.

She has been known to wrap up rolls of TP, single rubber gloves, and packets of “snowman poop” for Christmas gifts in order to make sure everyone has an equal amount of gifts to unwrap come Christmas morn’.

Even though we know what to expect when Grandma B comes around, we still NEVER know what to expect.  Today when asked who she was voting for, Grandma answered with this incredibly patriotic speech: “Oh, you know, the white guy.  McCain?  I don’t want to vote for the Black because he’s friends with Oprah and in four years she’d be in office with him and after that she’d be running for president and I don’t like Oprah and don’t want her for president.”

I think I’ve got a little tear in my eye.

Ask MIL!

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