C is for Why Do I Keep Trying?

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, looking for his metal detector before bed: “Mommy,  have you seen my plastic detector?”
Despite Vincenzo’s best efforts to turn C week into “C is for Cranky,” we made it through.  It was cars, cars, cars all week and being a resourceful teacher, you can bet I enriched our activities with all two hours of the Cars DVD.  Plus the shorts.  And the out takes.  (Hey, I had some bloggin’ to do!)  We also made car tracks by rolling his cars in fingerpaints and then on paper. 


We talked about how there are many healthy vegetables that start with C, like carrots, celery, and cauliflower.  We talked about that the entire time we made and ate chocolate cars and laughed rebelliously.

DSCN6434 DSCN6436 DSCN6439

And when all the fingerpaint was wiped off our fingers and all the chocolate licked off our fingers, (or was it the other way around?) we set to work making a cardboard car.  It’s easy–all you need is a refrigerator box, or, er,  any kind of box will do.


Cut it into desired shape then you dress your son in a shirt that you absolutely hate but that he wears all the time so that tomorrow you can say, “Sorry, we can’t wear that shirt anymore.  Do you see?  It’s all covered with paint!”  Begin painting with non-washable paints.


Add paper plates, a racing stripe, and VOILA!


I was waiting to take a picture of Vincenzo in it, eyes all aglow and in the throes of imagination, but he’s almost as uninterested in playing in it as he was in painting it.  Kevin pointed out that when you sleep in this every night…


…a toilet-box-car is pretty low rent.

And then we reviewed.

Me: It was fun doing car week with you!  Do you remember what “car” starts with?
V: buh-buh-B!
Me: Uh, no.  It starts with C.
V: Oh yeah.  Buh-buh-C!

(The post title seems rather poignant now, doesn’t it?)

D’s choice of restaurants and a selection of petit fours (D’s favorite).  Happy birthday, Vincenzo!!

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