Couch Potato

QUICKIE: Vincenzo, after breakfast: “I drank milk and then I ate waffles and now my stomach is confusing.”
I would like to be sweating to my Cindy Crawford workout tape right now but my reclusive cat has made a rare appearance and is flopped on my arm and he’s gone all cuddly-wuddly woo on me so I feel obligated to stay a few minutes. Yet all I have to blog about are some random thoughts:

1. The bottom half of me is dressed for working out while the top half is dressed for going out.
2. I have no idea where my debit card is today.
3. Which caused problems at the checkout at Costco.
4.  But I do know where my cell phone is!  (I think.)
5. You know what really pisses me off about the LHC?  Thinking of all my scrapbooks ripped into billions of atoms and flying into the black hole, where my atoms will be SO PISSED that they will regroup and RIP A NEW ONE in every one of the LHC scientists’ atoms. Don’t you MESS with my SCRAPBOOKS.
6. I’ve noticed that I’ve started looking young in all the pictures around my house. What’s up with that?
7. When you want to say you have lots of something, is the expression “butt load” or “boat load?” I think I might have been getting it wrong all these years…
8.  All my moles look mostly normal, in case you were wondering.

The friggin’ cat is kneading the couch, which is only a slightly less offense than licking his you-know-what on the couch. Cindy Crawford, please make it okay again.


Damnit, Clyde’s licking his you-know-what on the couch.  I’m going to google whether or not it’s okay to drop-kick your cat in such a circumstance.  Right after I drop-kick him, that is.

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