B is for Brain Dead

QUICKIE: Aunt Jnet babysat last night and TO MY GREAT HORROR showed my son the movie SpaceBalls.  I realized I had nothing to worry about today when V said, “Hey Mom, wemember when Aunt Jnet came over and we watched the Baseballs movie?”  Whew!
We followed up A is for Apple week with B is for Beach week…and luckily we caught the last days of summer for it!  We started with breakfast on the beach with aBBy (Kevin tells me that spelling aBBy that way is a stretch, but I’m sticking to it).  Here is our spread of B foods, B-shaped foods, and Bs we made on the beach.

DSCN6352 DSCN6347 DSCN6355

The next day my plan was to have Vincenzo make a beach scene by gluing colored sand on a beach coloring page.  It took A LOT of restraint–more than I ever knew I had–to not micro-manage the project, as Vincenzo made some very aggravating color choices.  He chose green for both the sky and the sand, making them look like grass and making the ocean look like a river.  His artistic liberties just may ruin the ABC book we’re making with these activities (B is for…grassy knoll?).  I did step in enough to keep him from coloring the entire thing blue, though.

DSCN6357 DSCN6360

I gave up stepping in at all on the butterfly picture, so this is an even more accurate of the inner workings of Vincenzo’s brain.

DSCN6361 DSCN6363 DSCN6364

Fig. 1 (in which I painstakingly                   Fig. 2                                   Fig. 3
put glue on one circle at a time,
then let D put on the sand, then
shook off the extra, in case he
he should decide to choose a
variety of colors)


Fig. 5 (because I forgot to
take a picture of Fig. 4.  I know,
I know, it’s a big leap.)

Picasso went through a blue phase, right?  Vincenzo is going through an ‘orangeish-red” stage.  But I knew it was all worth it when he looked up halfway through the sand art and said, “This was a good idea, Mommy!”

And then we reviewed the week.

Me: What letter did we learn about this week?
V: B!
Me: Yep!  So what letter does “beach” start with?
V: A!
Me: B.
V: C!
Me: No, I mean–oh, never mind.

Chicken Enchiladas
White Rice
Cuke Salad
Warm Chocolate Truffle Cakes with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (and then we all died and went to heaven)

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