Rock Band II: The Legend Continues

QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Mommy, there something wrong with your feet!”  (pointing at my pinky toe)  “This one’s only half a toe!”
Rock Band II came out yesterday and Kevin called home like three times to see if the package arrived.  I told him no every time though honestly I had no idea and hadn’t looked outside–it was just nice to keep hearing from my husband who usually calls home like, oh, ZERO times a day.  The conversation was the same every time, interchanging the word “undies” for other items of lingerie.

K: Has the package arrived?
Me: No.  Wanna know what I’m wearing right now?
K: Have you looked outside for it?
Me: Yes.  Oh darn, my whip cream undies are sliding off.
K: Well call me when it gets there, okay?

Sigh, the game did come and we did play, despite the fact that we didn’t have an X-Box, due to its untimely Ring of Death that neither I nor Cindi Crawford can possibly be held accountable for.  The band rocked out until its members peeled off sporting various injuries such as blisters, torn vocal chords, and Claw Hand.  The band , it ain’t as young as it used to be [two weeks ago].  But!  I did get to make Cranberry Lemon Bars, and nothing says “Livin’ On A Prayer” like watching someone try to eat a lemon bar out of their non-opening claw hand.  It’s downright poetic.

Either turkey dogs, cuke salad, and mashed potatoes or mall food

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