Justify This

QUICKIE: It’s a big, big day in the Beto house.  Clyde made it to the www.icanhascheezburger site!!!  It’s PG-13ish, so click on the link only if you are age 13 or older.  Clydey Clyde’s Linky Link
I’m a strict mom.  I really am.  My child is the one constantly being made to rephrase his questions using the words “could I please” and “I would like.”  He’s the one being shoved into bed at 2PM every day, even if it means missing a friend’s birthday party (I’d even make him miss his own, if it came down to it).  He’s the one who’s only allowed to watch one TV show for babies called “Signing Time,” and only once a week.  I pride myself on being strict.  But I have to admit, some of my rules are confusing even to me.  Rules like:

1.    Vincenzo isn’t allowed to eat foods that are high in saturated fats, with the exception of Magic Shell (7 grams per serving!), which we apply liberally to all frozen foods everywhere.
2.    Vincenzo is not allowed to eat at McDonald’s unless we order apples instead of fries and as soon as they come I hide the caramel dip from him.
3.    Vincenzo is not allowed to drink juice because it’s not good for him.  However, our house is always chock full of cookies, candy, cake, and pie.

Exactly how all these rules and their exceptions came to be is a mystery, but I believe in them fully and enforce them with an iron fist.  If one of them gets broken I feel like a bad mother for the rest of the day and spend the next day creating more rules for more situations to balance the system.

So.  If you saw the lady at McDonald’s ripping into her husband for ordering their son an empty-calorie, tooth-rotting, life-sapping baby-killing orange juice while their son merrily tucked into a cheeseburger and a magic-shell dipped cone—um, yeah.  That would be me.

Almost Inedible Baked Chicken with Cornbread Stuffing
Asparagus with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Cranberry Lemon Bars (to help us forget the Almost Inedible)

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