The best birthday gift EVER

QUICKIE: Today Vincenzo wiped my kiss off his face.  When I looked offended, he said, “I wasn’t wiping it.  I was just rubbing it in like sunblock.”
My sister’s boyfriend’s birthday was last weekend and I can finally, finally post the present we got him.  It was three months in the making and so hard for me to keep to myself.  The present stems from Michael’s constant fawning over and obsession with our bearded tuxedo cat, Clyde.  Prepare to be envious.

clyde kit DSCN6325

The only person who enjoyed this present more than Michael was Clyde, who loved all over the bag of his own harvested fur when we set it on the ground and, of course, spent all day playing with the socks.  He takes his white paws VERY seriously.

Now, don’t you all wish you were in my inner circle so you could get such thoughtful, hand-crafted kits too?

Baked Chicken Breast
Cornbread Stuffing with Dried and Fresh Fruit
Butternut Squash Bisque

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