Meanwhile, back on the prairie…

SITSAS–Thanks for checking me out!  I just have a few people/entities I’d like to thank for getting me where I am today.  First, thank you to the Internets and all their tubes.  Thank you to my cat for not blocking those tubes today.  Thanks to my husband for letting me constantly take 40 points off his IQ in my blog posts.  And as my son prays every night, thank you for thank yous.  Oh!  And thank you Heather and Tiffany, our SITSAs House Mothers!

*Feel free to leave your web address with your comment, as I seem to be the only person in the world who doesn’t run my blog through blogger.  🙂

QUICKIE: Vincenzo: “Ketchup is for special days.”  Me: “Oh?  And what’s a special day?”  Vincenzo: “Thursday.  Thursday is a special day.”
Vincenzo turns 3 in a couple weeks, and people are always asking me if he’s in preschool.  “Some preschools let almost-3-year-olds in, you know.  He could totally do it!”  Yes, but then he would be in school THREE YEARS before KINDERGARTEN even STARTS!  Isn’t that a little excessive?  Besides, I have so much fun with the little guy that I don’t think I’ll send him to preschool until he’s 4, which around here is like saying I don’t plan on sending my son to college.

Anyway, I’m obviously feeling some guilt about not starting Vincenzo in school early because here’s how we spent the week.  We named it “A is for Apple Week.”  On Monday, we cut apples different ways and talked about what they looked like.  Then we made apple prints and added stars to show how the seeds were in a star shape.

DSCN6345 DSCN6342

On Tuesday, we bought one of every kind of apple at the store and talked about their similarities/differences.  Actually, I talked about them while Vincenzo repeated, “This one is shiny.”  Then he ate a slice of each one to decide his favorite, which was HoneyCrisp because, of course, it was shiny.  We also arranged the apples by height and weighed a couple to see which was heavier.

DSCN6328 DSCN6332 DSCN6337

On Wednesday we made applesauce with the remainder of the apples.

DSCN6343 DSCN6344

On Thursday I cut out a tree and a leaf-shaped sponge.  Vincenzo sponged leaves on the tree then added some completely proportionately-sized apple stickers.


On Friday, we reviewed the week.  It went something like this:

Me: What shape were the seeds in when we cut the apple sideways?
D: I don’t wemember.
Me: Which kind of apple did you like best?
D: I don’t wemember. 
Me: What’s one thing all the apples we had in common?
D: I don’t wemember.
Me: Etc. etc. etc.?
D: I don’t wemember.  I don’t wemember.  I don’t wemember.

But the good news is we had fun doing it all and subsequently forgetting it all.  Plus, we’ll be able to repeat apple week exactly as is next year and to Vincenzo it will seem like the first time all over again.

BBQ @ Friends’ House

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