Toys 4 Sale!

QUICKIE: Vincenzo told Kevin he has a pretend bottom on his chest.  Oh, that we all may be so fortunate.


With Vincenzo’s bday coming up, the family keeps asking what he needs.  My standard answer is, “Food, shelter, and clothing, just like the rest of us.”  The kid has absolutely every toy I never had in my childhood, plus all 5 I did, and yet people still suggest, “Well, maybe another racecar?”  No!  No racecar!  Are you not understanding the words coming out of my mouth?  Then let me show you with pictures:










 I can’t get the captions to show up next to pics, so here they are in rapid-fire form:


Toys to climb through

Boxes of toys

A life-sized pony

Boy toys

Closet toys

Toyboxes of toys

Toys gathered from around house

Girl toys

Messy toys

Toys that don’t fit in playroom

Toys hiding behind couch

Toys that don’t fit in house


And naturally, despite all these toys, he spends 90% of his day playing with a catnip cigar tied to a long chain.  Which happens to be the cat’s one toy. 



(a.k.a. “The Doctor”)


Oh!  I almost forgot the most important toy of all:


A double-decker firetruck bed, complete with steering wheel, 3 secret compartments, removable tires and license plate, and a horn that honks.  My sister designed and made it, and she’s mine so don’t ask.


Although, now that I think about it, I guess the bed does need headlights and reflectors.  Needs, yes NEEDS them.  (Mom?  Dad?)  It could also use some gauges.  (Aunt Jnet?)  And maybe a beanbag for the top (anonymous blog reader?)  And shoot, if we’re going that direction, is there someone who will buy new blinds for the room?  And moulding for the windows, and maybe even new windows themselves?  An air conditioning unit for the hot summer days?  (Okay, I admit, that one’s for our room.)


So anyway, head back to Toys ‘R Us with the super-sized train engine with inflatable smokestack and singing caboose you bought for Vincenzo and put that $50 back on your card.  Then go to PetCo and buy him a $5 cat toy and congratulate yourself for finding the perfect gift.


(Did I mention another set of rubber sheets for his bed?)



Polish Sausage

German Potato Salad

Austrian Green Beans



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