QUICKIE: K to V: “We don’t have time to go to the park.”  V: “Well can you get some time Daddy?”  K: “No; I can’t do that.”  V: “Yes, you can just put some on your phone.”


Exciting news!!!!!  The free giveaway contest is over and I am proud to announce the grand prize…the grand prize…the…well…hm. 


There were 7 entries, and all except the one who voted for “D: Pee-pee fairy” must have cheated they all guessed “C: My Husband.”  I’d like to give these contestants credit for not getting caught during the actual test because I was watching like a hawk and didn’t see so much as a wayward, morse-code pencil tap.  C is also a safe choice because we all know that teachers put the correct answer in C’s spot approximately 95% of the time.


Unfortunately, I have to announce that the correct answer was “B: The Babysitter.”  (Hey, he only charges $4.00 an hour, and that’s AFTER I gave him a $2.00 raise!)


I’d still like to choose a winner, to make it official, so let’s examine the entries together.


There were 7 answers entered, but from only 5 contestants.  Elizabeth, it seems, entered 3 answers, which would have been ingenious had she changed the answer each time.  But she didn’t, making her wrong not once but THREE times and landing her at the bottom of the pile.  And not to nitpick, but she also forgot to phrase her answer in the form of a question.  3 times.  Thank you for your undeniable enthusiasm, though.


Ileana earns creativity points for choosing the Pee-Pee Fairy, but if she had done her research she’d know that the Pee-Pee Fairy only leaves Susan B. Anthony coins and not quarters under such signs.  Sorry, Ileana.


Superblondgirl’s answer really stands out, as it is the longest one and I always give an A to the student with the longest answer on any given multiple choice test.  However, superblondgirl made a fatal flaw in drawing attention to the time of her entry: 11:16EST on Tuesday night.  The contest officially ended at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, which occurred exactly 11 hours and 16 minutes previous.  (Do the math.)


As for Dan, bold move entering your answer today, but contest ended several cyber years ago.


In fact, according to the Stroke of Midnight, Casey was the only one who answered within the official time limit.


But Casey?  Really??!   Casey already won the one and only other contest I’ve had (actually, she asked for a contest and then declared herself the winner), and I’m afraid all this winning is going to her head.  I’m sorry, Casey, but I’m going to have to confiscate your win.


So, it is now time to decide the winner, and to at the same time avenge my neighbor for disrespecting my VERY CREATIVE block party sign.  Ileana, as the contestant with the MOST CREATIVE answer, I declare you…WINNER!!!  E-mail me with your choice of prize and I’ll send it to you stat.


Now, I think an awful lot of you owe my husband an apology.  You may begin now.


Peanut Butter Bacon Burgers (don’t judge until you’ve tried ‘em yourself!)
Roasted Vegetables

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