Free Giveaway!

QUICKIE: Kevin just went to Costco.  I love when he goes to Costco because he always comes back with these.




(If the picture seems blurry, it’s not.  That’s just your eyes welling up with emotional tears.)


Seems like all the popular bloggers are doing giveaways every other day, so I thought I’d throw myself in the throngs of popularity and do my own giveaway.  If nothing else, it might encourage CASEY to comment again, as it seems my blog has not been good enough for her the past few days.


The contest:

I walked downstairs last week to find this sign on the floor.




Readers, decide WHO placed this sign there.  Was it:


A) Vincenzo’s 8-year-old friend who visited last week
B) The babysitter
C) My husband
D) The Magical Pee Pee Fairy (in which case we should look under sign for a quarter)


Please cast your vote in the comments section.  I’ll randomly choose a winner from the vat of people who answer correctly.  Or maybe I’ll choose the person who has a correct answer AND the wittiest comment.  Or maybe I’ll make up some obscure rule when the contest is over to determine the winner.  And don’t forget to state your answer in the form of a question. 


As for prizes, you can choose between a set of blank homemade cards or a slightly used copy of Twilight (BARF). 

DSCN6200           or             Stephenie Meyer's Twilight

The contest ends at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, September 2.  Good luck.


I don’t know.  Go ask Mom.

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