Shoot. No, don’t shoot!

QUICKIE: Quote from Vincenzo yesterday: “I want to take my clothes off and wash this rock.”


First and foremost, I’d like to apologize to the person who googled “wet t-shirt contest +  official rules” yesterday and ended up at my blog.  I admit, I was a little out of control.


So.  For three years I have tried hard to keep my son away from the whole shoot ‘em up bang bang thing that young American boys tend to gravitate towards.  Despite my best efforts, a few months ago he started pointing things at other things and saying, “pow” and “bang.”  I pleaded with him to give up warfare, to give hugs to his shooting targets instead, but he just kept on aiming his forks and tinker toys at them. 


After several weeks, I realized that the system is much bigger than me, and while I’ll continue to encourage hugging, chances are Vincenzo’s going to continue shooting.  But!  I am not completely defenseless.  In a stroke of genius, I was able to get Vincenzo to replace “pow” and “bang” with a high-pitched, sweet-sounding, “pa-ching,” much like the sound of a marshmallow or feather whizzing by your ear.


Today Vincenzo was pa-chinging all the flowers and trees on our walk and we passed a playground where some older, rougher boys were playing.  I realized that there will come a moment in my son’s life where he will be playing at recess, and he will point a stick at someone and say, “Pa-ching!”  The other boy will point a stick back and say, “KA-BOOM!”  And my son’s childhood will end right there.

You make the vote.  Am I a good mom or a bad one?



Slow-cooked roast with half a bottle of wine and 13 cloves of garlic (because 20 seemed excessive, don’t you think?)

Roasted Root Vegetables

Salad with Blackberries and Candied Walnuts

Blender Peach Cobbler

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