Wet T-shirt contest!

QUICKIE: from: icanhascheezburger.com





I was browsing through my blog statistics today and came upon two facts that are quite…interesting.  I’m not sure what to think of You anymore.

Interesting Observation #1: On the day I used the word “butt sex,” I got about three times the amount of usual traffic to my blog.  It’s been suggested to me that I randomly stick some words into my blog posts that catch the interest of certain people googling certain seedy things.  Not to worry, oh faithful readers; I would never stoop to such a dirty publicity stunt. *chesire cat grin*


Interesting Observation #2 My blog was picked up by Stanford’s “WellSphere” site—where people go to get answers to their medical questions.  I’m totally stoked, as I’ve always considered myself quite the expert on things I know absolutely nothing about, such as HOT LESBIAN ACTION.  It feels good to impart some of this knowledge on greater America, with Stanford proudly resting its highly-esteemed, medically-certified hand on my shoulder.  The picture is blurry, so if you want to see the reference to my blog IRL, go to http://stanford.wellsphere.com/wellmix360/wrist-cysts

i'm famus2


I posted an hour early today!  Think I’ll spend naptime petting the cat instead of blogging.  Here, PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY!


Going out w/the family

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