Rain rain go away

QUICKIE: We were naming colors the other day and I had just taught Vincenzo what “hot pink” was.  He pointed to another color and announced confidently, “Then that’s hot purple!”


It’s rainy and cold where I am so my job has changed from “hang out at beach” to “try to make Vincenzo think I’m playing with him while I really blog and scrapbook.”  When he starts noticing, I sit down and paint with him.  No, not painting like most boys and girls do, with a paintbrush and maybe, say, paint.  We’ve been painting as all Microsoft spawn paint: on the computer.  That way my bloggy friends are one click away should Vincenzo decide to engage in an alternative activity, like spraying water all over the kitchen. 


Enjoy two samples from today’s gallery.







animals for v


Between that and teasing Vincenzo about how he pronounces “wheelie” (Oh?  Your motorcycle did another weewee?), not much to report on here.  I mostly just wanted to post because I feel braggy about tonight’s dinner.


Halibut with Lemon Splash and Tarragon Cream Sauce
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Sweet and Sour Beans
Cookies & Ice Cream

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