Deep-fried affair

QUICKIE: Vincenzo saw an Easter wreath in the closet today and said, “We use that when Easter’s coming up.  But Easter is down now.”


We went to the Evergreen Fair yesterday and it did not disappoint.  I used to take picture of my child magically discovering the wonders of farm life and cotton candy and miraculous kitchen knives, but that got boring.  I chose a different slant for this year’s photography…


The Fair in Signs



(I just really liked the graphic.)




To clear up any confusion.




Um, Kevin?  Let’s get outta here.  Like NOW!




Ah, the reason we keep coming back each year.




Look how happy those candy bars and twinkies are in a vat of boiling hot oil.  They want us to choose them!




But wait…what’s this?  Are we reading that right?


Can you DO that?


Okay, technically this picture isn’t a fair sign but I couldn’t leave you without showing the fried Dr. Pepper that took 10 minutes of kitchen ingenuity to create.  And to answer the question you all are too shy to ask–YES, it DOES come in diet!!!!  (I’m not joking.)


This was so fun, I think I’ll write about the fair tomorrow.  Clogged arteries willing.



Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce

Garlic Bread

Salad with Apple and Gorgonzola





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