Why I threw my camera away

QUICKIE: I couldn’t exactly take a picture of my camera in the trashcan, but I did take a picture of it from the trashcan.  Read below to find out why.





This is probably the meanest thing I’ve ever done to myself.  I found a picture of from when I was oh about 4.5 months pregnant with Vincenzo a few years ago.  So just for kicks I took a picture of myself now (not pregnant at all).  See if you can tell which is the one from today.



DSCN613428 weeksz


If you guessed the one on the left,  bingo.  If you guessed the one on the right, then you obviously don’t know me because my hair is about a foot longer now.  If you guessed neither and just assumed I used some advanced photo shop skills to make my stomach look much, much larger than it actually is, then you totally rock and we should be best friends.





Stomach-thinning hamburgers with goat cheese and mango salsa

Waist-trimming peach upside-down cake

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