What’s WRONG with me?

QUICKIE:  I got nothin’.  You?


I can’t do it.  I can’t keep the beautiful Louis Vuitton bag that Kevin spent an entire day picking out for me.  Even though I know I’m not going to spend that money saving orphans in Tezbekistan (is that one of the “istans?”), the fact that I could was making me feel incredibly guilty.   I am letting K buy me a different bag instead—one that is also normally way out of my price range, but only enough to fix a handful of cleft palates, which is a level of guilt that I can live with.




I know, I know.  It’s like trading in a diamond necklace for a rhinestone one because you like rhinestones better.  I’m an idiot.


In other news…Vincenzo’s friend Miguel came over last night.  She is a blond-haired, fair-skinned, petite little girl who prefers the name Miguel over her own.  And Vincenzo is Abby.  Neither looked confused when we used their alter-ego names, though they did look confused when we kept calling Vincenzo “D.”  I can’t explain that one—he just started calling himself D at 18 months and looked pissed when we asked if he was trying to say “me” or “V” or anything else that remotely made sense.  So D he has been for half his life now.


At any rate, Miguel (who is also sometimes David) and Abby and D, with their alternate identities, are going to be way ahead of the game when it comes their time for Internet dating.  Is anyone seeking a petite, blond, hispanic male who loves Prada?  (You can thank me later, Casey.)


Mo’ biscuits & gravy
Fried eggs
Sufferin’  Succotash
Carrot cake
Banana cheesecake (Jnet swear it’s going to taste good)

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