Down, but not out

QUICKIE:  Yesterday Vincenzo asked me, “How long, Mommy?”  I asked him, “How long until what?”  “How long until I’m done being Abbey?”


I’m sick and I HATE being sick.  The worst part is when I’m sick I hate coffee, and I really HATE hating coffee.  I spend all day trying to eat or drink something that will make me feel all sparkly on the inside like coffee does and nothing works.  Not to mention that being physically incapable of breathing is, at times, kind of scary.


But all is not lost!  Though my body is down, my mind is still fight-ready.  Check out this conversation that happened at Little Gym today.  It was after Vincenzo had run up to every single adult in the room, forced them into full eye contact, and yelled, “I have a car in my book that goes OUCH!”  On the second or third round, their eyes achieved the same, glazed-over look that mine have had since Vincenzo began yelling about the “Ouch Car” to me one million hours ago.  Anyway, the conversation.


Seemingly docile Mom: So your son likes car books?
Me: Yup.
SDM: I’ve got 3 boys at home, and it’s scary how much I know about cars and trucks.  I think I could tell you how to build a bulldozer.
Me:  I know.  Sometimes I dream about side-loading dump trucks.
SDM: Ha, ha, and mobile cranes.
Me: Why yes, and don’t forget about giant excavators.
SDM: [narrowing eyes] Grain harvester.
Me: [showing claws] Skid steer.
SDM: Combine Machine.
Me: Pneumatic Lift Truck.
SDM: Military Motor Grader!
Me: Scissor Lift, Material Handler, and Bananamobile!
SDM: [sticks tail between legs and skitters off sideways, whimpering]


Anyone else want a piece of this?


Smoked Salmon Toasts
Tra Vigne Garlic Roasted Crab
High Roast Hot Pepper Salmon Fillet
Summer Garden Shrimp Salad
Spicy Clams
Halibut with Red Pepper Cream
Grilled Ginger Tuna with Arugula and Oranges


(No, I’m not being fascetious!  It’s cooking class at Bon Vivant tonight, and all I want to do is have a bowl of broth and go to bed.  *whine*)

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