Hello? Hello?

QUICKIE: Yesterday Vincenzo was testing what level of hand-sucking might be appropriate.  He licked the back of his hand and said, “Can I do this?”  I answered, “No.”  He countered with, “But Clydey does it!”  What does it mean when your 3-year-old consistently out-argues you?


Cafeteria milk-carton flashback.  I didn’t know there was an “open” side to milk cartons until like the fourth grade, and even then this would always happen.



As a side note, I also didn’t know underwear had a front and a back until around then either.  So I was the kid wearing her underwear backwards drinking milk from a carton that it looked like rats had opened.  And look at me now!!  (i.e. at least my underwear is on right.  I think.  Photo not available.)


I’m kind of obsessed with how many hits my blog gets each day, especially since NO ONE COMMENTS on my blog (please ignore, Mandy and Casey.  I love you two!)  I was excited when my hits started going up recently and I now spend a lot of time analyzing  numbers like !C48DB47FC79COC2C!171/?ViewType=4&searchtype=5&index=7&handle=cns!C48DB47FC79C0C2C!177 and trying to imagine what face is connected to what hands that clicked on that number.  Are you more of a red wine person or white?  Cheerleader or emo?  Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops?  Granny undies or…well…are there other options?


Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the hits counter keeps ticking.  And thanks for tuning in, whoever you are.



Leftovers plus Green Beans in Balsamic Vinaigrette

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