Nuclear Medicine



My mom is spending the day taking me to doctor’s appointments for my wrists today.  Yes, I know I’m a 30-Something and I should be taking my mother to her doctor’s appointments instead of the other way around.  I’m just freaked out about the appointments.  It’s not the NUCLEAR MEDICINE or needles that scare me—in delivering two babies, I got five epidurals without so much as a flinch (and only one of them kind of worked).  What I’m terrified of is: driving in Seattle.


Based on past driving-in-Seattle experiences, there’s a 20% chance I’ll total my car, a 50% chance I’ll get so lost I’ll have to abort plans and come home; a 20% chance I’ll actually find my way home, and a 10% chance I’ll accidentally stumble upon set destination.


Stay tuned for updates today…


Breaded Prawns
Grilled Chicken with Tarragon Sauce
Fusilli Carbonara with Fines Herbes

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