Another slice of Beto pie

QUICKIE:  The other day I told Vincenzo we’d eat outside on the picnic table.  This is how he interpreted.
Yesterday morning we were getting ready to go to the Microsoft Company Picnic.  Vincenzo wouldn’t stop twirling in circles as I sunblocked him.  I think I sunblocked one leg three times and the other not at all.  Then Dad called with sad news that the family cat died (RIP Baby Girl), and as I was empathizing, Vincenzo decided to try going potty standing up for the first time.  And without taking his undies off (not a first time for that one).   I kept forgetting to switch my tone from empathetic when talking to Dad to chastising when talking to Vincenzo. 
“I’m so sorry, Dad.  I know how important she—VINCENZO!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! –WAS, excuse me, was to you.  Is everyone—STOP IT!  HOLD IT IN!  STOP—OKAY  I mean okay??  Did Baby Girl—WHO TAUGHT YOU TO DO THAT?—go peacefully?—NOOOOO!  NOT ON MY STEVE MADDENS… ”  Of course, potty defied gravity and soaked the Very Cute Shirt I had put Vincenzo in for the photo-packed day.  I considered changing it to something Much Less Cute but Much More Clean, then decided that whilst thine shirt smells like potty, thine photos never will.
We drove half an hour to the picnic and were greeted by gay clowns (like, really, I mean gay), gigantic basketballs/hoops, pony rides, bungee jumping, and 8 forms of golfing.  Vincenzo poo-poo’d all that and parked himself in the sandbox much like the sandbox 5 minutes from our house where he played for an hour with this expression on his face:
His friend Abby showed up, which was confusing for everyone because Vincenzo had been pretending to be Abby all morning.  “Hai, I’m Abby,” he kept saying.  They shared a mutual, slightly-too-long kiss on the lips as we’ve been trying to stop them from doing for a year now.  Then Abby had to go use the “ladies room” (let’s just call a honeybucket a honeybucket around here) and we snuck away, causing much flailing and rending of clothes on the way out.
I looked back on a sleeping Vincenzo in the car, sand glued to his face a la ice cream, potty stain slightly visible on blue shirt, boogie dried below his nose… and I noticed that neither leg was sunburned.  *Grin*  Let’s toss this day into the success pile.
BTW, thanks for the camera cord, dear!
Love, your Huggy Bear
BBQ at friends’.  S’mores et al!

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