Sew what?

QUICKIE: Quote from a friend: “I knew I would love my child, but I had no idea how much I was going to like her!
My sister is trying to teach me how to sew.  Again.  I have dreams of sewing a future daughter’s wedding dress, or outfitting a school play, or at least hemming a pair of pants for my comically short legs.  But the rate I’m going, I’ll be the mom bringing chocolate chip cookies to the school play.  Again.
My second bout of the Sew-Sews started when I saw a firefighter jacket for $35 at a store in Seattle, then later that week saw a pattern for a firefighter jacket at my friend’s house, and the idea was birthed.  That was last spring.  I borrowed the pattern and sat on it for 2 weeks.  I spent 2 weeks making various attempts to buy fabric.  2 more weeks passed pinning the pattern to the fabric.  Then I took a 2 week break because, frankly, after 6 straight weeks of working on the jacket I was exhausted.
Today Jnet came over to help me begin to actually sew.  Shortly into the lesson I had broken her sewing machine.  She fixed it.  I broke it again.  She told me she had no idea what I did to her sewing machine, so I explained that I’m real creative like that.  She managed to fix it, then returned to translating PatternSpeak for me.  For example, she knew that “baste” does not mean “to moisten occasionally with drippings,” and she also understood longer phrases like “pin bias tape to back neck edge over collar, placing crease along neckline.”  As she translated, I subtly returned my turkey baster to its drawer.
We sewed awhile longer but it was hard to get into it as I was missing my daily nap.  Fortunately, Jnet is quite perceptive and after an hour told me not to worry; we could stop there for the day and I could go lay down for a bit.  It’s hard for a 70-year-old lady such as myself to break routine.
And so the jacket remains unfinished in my basement and Vincenzo will lose another week of his childhood that could be spent doing great imaginings in his firefighter jacket.  But not to worry—he’s grown quite attached to his Build-a-Bear’s jacket in the meantime.  For any Reno 911 fans, I included a picture of Terry, to whom my child bears quite a resemblance when wearing said jacket:
Vincenzo                            Terry
I think I’ll just go bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies now.

Twice Baked Potatoes—2 Ways
Cream of Asparagus Soup
Salad with Mandarin Oranges and Water Chestnuts

3 thoughts on “Sew what?

  1. Vincenzo is rocking the Build-A-Bear jacket/diaper combo! He might want to look into forming the Village People–Toddler Edition!

    I have always been too scared of sewing machines to even think about learning to sew…

  2. hahahaha! I am TERRIBLE at sewing. I hate it. The needle always seems to get outta control, the bobbin falls off. Its a mess. I suppose I should try again. *sigh* but vincenzo in that jacket is just too dang funny!

  3. Oops–this is actually an old post I reposted today. But thanks for the comments! Maybe I should just keep reposting the old ones until someone notices…

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